Principal Investigators: Dr. Manfred Berger and Prof. (FH) Mag. Silvia Kucera

Collaborators: IML 2010 students and Hon. Prof. (FH) Maria Veronika Surböck, MSc, MAS
Cooperation partners: Raiffeisen Banking Group
Duration of the project: October 2011 – April 2012
Contact: [email protected]


Objectives of the project
This synergetic research project seeks to identify possible future strategies for social and environmental sponsoring of Raiffeisen Banking Group. This research project aims at analysing and creating a better understanding of the present positioning of Raiffeisen Bank, by means of a well elaborated comparative analysis.
The study focuses on determining the future direction for Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy (CSR) of the Raiffeisen Banking Group, while choosing between sponsoring social or environmental “green” projects. Particular attention is being paid in finding an idea that would fit into the brand image of the bank as an active and reliable partner of the community, and match the sustainability idea of Raiffeisen Banking Group on a nationwide basis. Moreover, the first step in evaluating the probability of an implementation for such a project will be provided through a preliminary project suggestion in combination with the early analysis of SCR strategy. The process of implementation in one region may last one-two years, whereas 10%-20% of the budget will be used. Preferable regions for such an implementation are Lower Austria, Styria and Vienna.

Research methods
The research process comprises a qualitative secondary analysis of online resource, mainly web pages of banks and sustainability reports. This initial research task aims at investigating the RZB market share in Austria compared to other banks, taking into consideration their current services, actions and projects. Additionally, a primary research is conducted by means of a survey. Three different prototypes of questionnaires were developed based on the following target groups: small-medium enterprises (SMEs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and students. The findings will support the recommendation of a specific sponsoring strategy, being that socially or environmentally tailored, that RZB group may undertake in the future.

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