An excellent textbook not only reflects the state of the art in a given discipline, but also addresses the needs of learners and inspires them. To match up to these expectations, any major textbook is peer-reviewed by renowned researchers and instructors alike. Academic presses meticulously select their reviewers in order to produce the highest quality on an international level.

Professor Dr. Hanno Pöschl, MBA, who heads LBS’s BFC and IML master’s programs and has a longstanding track record of teaching corporate finance, was invited by Cengage to review the Europe, Middle East and Africa Edition of Brigham, Ehrhardt and Fox’s standard reference Financial Management: Theory and Practice.

In seven parts, the textbook engages with core themes in finance such as the company’s reporting environment, fixed income securities and valuation, shares and derivatives, projects and their valuation, corporate governance issues, financial decisions, and the international financial environment. The text addresses university students and also practitioners who are interested in the thinking behind financial concepts. Based on the very successful 14th U.S. edition, substantial adjustments were introduced to meet the preferences of the European reader (e.g. multicurrency finance).

In the blurb Professor Pöschl states that “Financial Management: Theory and Practice is one of the outstanding texts in the field of financial education. It strikes an excellent balance between accessibility and depth and is therefore equally well suited for undergraduate and graduate studies. It delivers what it promises on the front cover: thorough expertise in financial management and a real integration of theory and practice – something that is hard to find.”

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Welcome to LBS

We are very pleased to announce the beginning of the new academic year 2018/2019 on October 4!

The LBS faculty and staff wish all our new and returning students a good start! We hope that you have refilled your energy reserves during the summer and that you are now ready for the new challenges to come.

A very special welcome to all our new students joining the LBS academic community this year. We are excited to meet you at our Orientation and Welcome Day!

The Economics of Climate Change

Christian Reiner, senior researcher at LBS, was invited by the Carinthian Economic Society (Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft Kärnten) to deliver a talk on the economics of climate change. About 100 visitors attended the talk on October 3rd 2019 in Klagenfurt, Carinthia’s capital. Mr Reiner stressed the economic case for ambitious climate policy as well as the chances for business.

Master Class of 2019 – Congratulations!

On September 20, we were delighted to welcome many proud families and friends to the Lauder Business School campus for a Masters graduation ceremony. The ceremony started with a welcoming speech by our Executive Director Alexander Zirkler in the beautiful baroque LBS ballroom. In his address, he highlighted the international quality of both our Master programs and drew the parallel: “The value of your diplomas will increase in time like the value of a good painting.”

Blockchain Seminars – Be One Step Ahead

Whether you are a technical person, a business individual or simply interested in future technologies and the latest trends, our program gives you expert insights into this vibrant field and guides your path to becoming a Blockchain professional.