On April 4, 2019, we were pleased to welcome Ing. Josef Simon, Director of Production and Technology at NÖM, the largest Austrian private milk producer with 1.2 million liters of fresh milk per day and a turnover of 400 million euros per year. NÖM’s portfolio includes a wide range of dairy products of which 45% are exported to other European countries.

Among other issues,  Ing. Simon highlighted the importance of the non-stop production and very strict regulations concerning product quality and safety. One of the main tasks is to ensure the best quality at all times along the supply chain.  At the same time, NÖM is very proud to be a CO2 neutral company, where CSR and sustainability play a major role on the company agenda.

Moreover, one of the key success factors of NÖM is constant R & D as well as security and development of recipes. Taking into consideration ever-changing consumer habits, NÖM must adapt its products at a fast pace to meet new trends, everything from lactose-free to protein enriched products.

In summary, Ing. Simon addressed the importance of international experience and life education, and recommended our students to explore different cultures, languages, and countries in order to develop a global mindset, which will give them a competitive edge in their careers.

He himself has been at NÖM since 2001, preceded by his international experience in the UK, Croatia and China. At the moment one of his priorities is to plan and build the future generation of top management at NÖM. To find out more about open vacancies please visit NÖM’s career pages.

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