LBS alumna researching Social Entrepreneurship in Austria

LBS alumna researching Social Entrepreneurship in Austria

 LBS alumna Andrea Gegö (IML 2014) completed her master thesis on social entrepreneurship in Austria titled “Unravelling the Reality of the Austrian Social Entrepreneurs while Looking for Solutions in Tailored Educational Programs” under the supervision of Prof. Mag....
Urban attraction policies

Urban attraction policies

Urban attraction policies for international academic talent: Munich and Vienna in comparison – a new paper published in the Journal Cities Lauder Business School is proud to announce that our Senior Researcher Dr. Christian Reiner has published a new paper in the...
Commercialization Laminar Flow (IST Austria)

Commercialization Laminar Flow (IST Austria)

Project title: Commercialization Laminar Flow (IST Austria)Project owner: IST Austria, Technology Transfer / Hof GroupProject contact (ISTA): Markus Schaner (fellow) and Jakob Kühnen (IST project manager)Project supervisors (LBS): Prof (FH) Dr. Hanno Poeschl /Prof....
GAEA – a brand analysis (Winkelbauer GmbH)

GAEA – a brand analysis (Winkelbauer GmbH)

Project title: GAEA – a brand analysisPrincipal investigator: Prof. (FH) Mag. Julius Dem, MBACollaborators: IML 2014 StudentsClient/cooperation partner: Winkelbauer GmbH ( October 2015 – May 2016 [ From left to right: Sonja Murauer...


Principal investigator: Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin SamekCollaborators: IML 2014 StudentsClient/cooperation partner: PEdALEDDuration: October 2015 – May 2016 Project DescriptionPEdAL ED designs clothing for people who love cycling – garments for demanding...

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LBS meets Ben Gurion University in Israel

From December 9 to December 13 Prof. (FH) Mag. Julius Dem, MBA, Director of the BA studies, participated in the Ben Gurion University (BGU) staff week in Israel. The stay was funded by Erasmus+ K107 and the goal of this trip was to further strengthen Lauder Business School’s already close relationship with BGU, get to know representatives of other (European) universities, learn from best practice, and share common experiences with LBS’s Israeli and European partners.

Talk On New Business Models

New business models and concepts have already disrupted traditional businesses and value chains and still continue to do so. How can we use our experience with past events to respond to future developments? Is re-thinking conventional business strategies the key?...

LBS Introducing Bloomberg Terminals

LBS is proud to announce that students can now access the Bloomberg Terminal/Bloomberg Finance Lab on campus – a tool that is used by leading business and financial professionals worldwide. The Bloomberg Terminal is a software platform that provides real-time and historical data, market moving news and analytics to help leading business and finance professionals worldwide make better informed investment decisions.

How Firms Innovate

Christian Reiner, senior researcher at LBS, published a book chapter on firm innovation together with Katerina Vrtikapa. The paper is a chapter in the book “Umkämpfte Technologien. Arbeit im digitalen Wanel”, edited by the „Beirat für gesellschafts-, wirtschafts- und umweltpolitische Alternativen“ (BEIGEWUM).