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Lauder Business School offers future-oriented education with the goal to shape the digital world of tomorrow. With our focus on innovation, emerging technologies and entrepreneurship we aim to design the landscape and the industries of the future. As we move forward, more and new exciting fields are opening up while very few have the expertise to undertake the tasks involved. In our LBS FutureRoom, you will find information on current educational programs, supporting agencies and guides, as well as upcoming events in this field in Vienna.

Responsible Blockchain Education

Blockchain is one of the key technologies that can radically change our economy and society as a result of digitization. It is still at an experimental stage, but advances in technology evolution are increasingly demonstrating the disruptive potential of blockchain. It paves the way for a networked world in which people and machines not only exchange information, but can work together beyond today’s usual boundaries of trust. These groundbreaking changes will affect us as individuals, but also our businesses.

Lauder Business School and Insticore have come together with FH Technikum Wien and joined their two academic environments to streamline a complete blockchain education program in Vienna. The experience and status of FH Technikum Wien as a top-provider of technical education in Austria, and the business and economic background of Insticore and Lauder Business School, allow us to carry out a complete, in-depth blockchain education for those interested in becoming experts in this new technology.

Our Joint Programs

We have something for everyone. Whether you are a technical person, a business individual, or both, your path to become a Blockchain professional is covered by our program.

Seminar: Blockchain Fundamentals

In this seminar you will learn about the added value, functionality and applications of blockchain.  You will gain a sound understanding of how the blockchain works as well as be able to identify the technology’s useful areas of application, assess risks, identify requirements, and implement them as drivers of innovation in your business or industry. Moreover, you will learn about the leading technologies on the market and the applications which are already being used and developed, as well as explore scenarios conceivable in the future.

Location: FH Technikum Wien, Vienna
Dates: Autumn 2019
Cost: €600


Seminar: Cryptoeconomy & Regulation

In this seminar you will discover the crypto-asset side of blockchain and the growing economic and legal framework in which it takes place. You will learn how to use, invest and earn cryptocurrencies. In addition, you will learn about the concept of tokens, how various companies and ventures utilize it to raise capital, and how you too can fundraise using tokens. You will gain a basic understanding of the legal framework with which crypto-assets must comply, of the applicable existing and upcoming  laws and regulations, and learn about taxation.

Location: FH Technikum Wien, Vienna
Dates: Autumn 2019
Cost: €850



Industry-Specific Blockchain Applications

This course will be delivered in four separate seminars, each of which is targeted to examine the application of the blockchain technologies in different industries. We offer the following industry-specific blockchain seminars:

  • Energy and Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing
  • Banking and Insurance

Location: FH Technikum Wien, Vienna
Dates: Autumn 2019
Cost: starting from €690 per seminar


Program: Certified Blockchain Consultant

This program goes deeper into the blockchain technology and will draw on the resemblance it shares with other general-purpose technologies, while highlighting its capacity to enable widespread, transformational change. You will examine how the blockchain technology can cheaply verify, under certain conditions, the attributes of a transaction. You will gain a deeper understanding of the cost of networking, and learn how the blockchain can bootstrap and facilitate a marketplace without traditional intermediaries. This program integrates the Blockchain Fundamentals seminar, the Cryptoeconomy & Regulation seminar, as well as the Industry-Specific Applications course.

Location: FH Technikum Wien, Vienna
Dates: Autumn 2019
Cost: €2,500

Program: Certified Blockchain Developer

In this program you will take on the technical side of things, you will immerse yourself with Distributed Ledger Technologies, smart contracts, scalability, hyperledger and other tools and standards. You will get to know three main blockchain technologies in detail and get an overview of many other well-known blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. In addition, you will learn about the sophisticated approaches that can be used to solve today’s biggest challenges, such as the interoperability and scalability of blockchain, as well as how blockchain can be used to ensure confidentiality.

Location: FH Technikum Wien, Vienna
Dates: Autumn 2019
Cost: €3,000


Program: Certified Senior Blockchain Expert

By enrolling in this program, you will complete your arsenal of tools, and learn everything there is to know from both the technical and the business sides, on your way to define yourself as a rare phenomena – a Senior Blockchain Expert. On the one hand, you will learn to develop blockchain applications, and on the other hand, you will acquire extensive knowledge in the practical and theoretical application of blockchain. This full program integrates  both of our blockchain programs: Certified Blockchain Consultant & Certified Blockchain Developer.

Location: FH Technikum Wien, Vienna
Dates: Autumn 2019
Cost: €5,000

What you get from the programs


A deep understanding of the Blockchain technology, the actors and movers within it, the framework in which it operates, and the long-term implications it has for businesses, industries and the world as we know it


The ability to identify, plan, strategize and execute Blockchain-based solutions within your ventures, your organization, or your customers’ organizations, may it be from a technical perspective or an economic point of view


A GASQ Certificate, provided by Lauder Business School and the FH Technikum, designating you as a professional in the field you have chosen (Developer, Consultant or Expert), allowing you to start working as a qualified person

Future Direction in our Business Programs

At Lauder Business School we educate the FUTURE for the FUTURE. In our academic programs there are courses covering the digital transformation, innovation, FinTech and future technologies that are relevant for the business world of tomorrow. For instance, our students trade with StockTrak, they learn how to use SAP, they are comfortable with statistical software packages (R, SPSS), they are familiar with the internet of things, they know how to use project management tools as well as Bloomberg effectively. The use of further business analysis tools is incorporated in several courses. We are convinced that our graduates must understand the relevant KPIs so that they can make the correct strategic decisions for their prospective employer or for their own company.

The groundbreaking future changes will affect us as individuals, but also in the way we do business. Future leaders need to be ready to drive innovation and organizational change while embracing digital trends. That is why the overwhelming majority of our lecturers are real-world practitioners with tremendous experience from the respective industries

LBS Introducing Bloomberg Terminals

LBS is proud to announce that students can now access the Bloomberg Terminal/Bloomberg Finance Lab on campus – a tool that is used by leading business and financial professionals worldwide. The Bloomberg Terminal is a software platform that provides real-time and historical data, market moving news and analytics to help business and finance professionals make better informed investment decisions.

Peek into our IOT Futuretrail Master’s Course

From a distance the digital and analog blue planet looks the same – but for present and future business leaders it is crucial to know the difference in order to understand their digital transformation.That´s where the Internet of Things (IOT) Futuretrail Course conducted by our lecturer Ing. Mag. Robert Kotal CFP® EFA® kicks in, using a complete new teaching approach W-A-V-E.

Upcoming Events

Anon Blockchain Summit | 2-3 April 2019
Entry €120 – 2,400.- | Information

Bitcoin Austria | YYYY
Free Entry | Information 

Pioneers| Sping 2019
Entry €500 – 1,600.-| Information 

Tech Conference Vienna | 12-13 March 19
Entry €399.- | Information

Supporting Agencies

WKO | Innovation & Business

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich or WKO) represents the interests of more than 517,000 member companies. As the voice of Austrian business, WKO is committed to forward-looking policies which benefit the economy e.g. tax relief, cutting red tape, subsidies, etc. Moreover, WKO offers fast expert advice on various topics, everything from labour laws to customs information.

Through its educational facilities WKO contributes to improving the competitive ability of domestic companies.


VBA | Startup & Investments

The Vienna Business Agency offers a “360° service” for companies in Vienna. Funding and advice, workshops and coaching for start-ups, assistance with the search for industrial space or office premises, contacts to potential partners in the technology scene or creative industries.

The Vienna Business Agency positions Austria’s capital city in the international economic environment, looks after international companies settling in Vienna, and is the first point of contact for expats arriving in Vienna.


AWS | Innovation & Investments

Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws) is the Austrian Federal promotional bank. Their mission is to support young innovative start-ups, founders, as well as growth and internationalisation projects of Austrian companies with low-interest loans, guarantees for bank loans, grants and equity. We also support investments in Austria carried out by international corporates.

aws enhances several thousand entrepreneurial projects every year. The aws project financing volume amounts to 1.2 billion EUR. aws services trigger investments, mobilize innovative entrepreneurial projects, and secure and create a large number of jobs. 


AustrianStartups | Startup & Support

AustrianStartups is an independent non-profit platform for innovative entrepreneurship in Austria. It is an open place for startups, changemakers, and interested persons and focuses on three realms of influence: Inspire. Connect. Change. The people behind AustrianStartups believe that entrepreneurial thinking and acting are key for positive change.

AustrianStartups provide information to support young entrepreneurs with great ideas and the vision to change the world…


weXelerate | StartUp & Support

weXelerate is the CEE’s largest  Innovation Hub in the heart of Vienna. Each year, 100 high potential startups from all over the world are accepted into our multi-corporate accelerator program. Each 4 month accelerator program aims at supporting start- and scale ups with market entry, growth and expansion to new markets by connecting them to relevant stakeholder groups.


ImpactHub Vienna | Startup & Social

The Impact Hub Vienna community is made up of social businesses addressing challenges both locally and globally. Its members are entrepreneurs, social investors, freelancers, advocates, campaigners, creatives, artists, consultants, coaches and more. Members enjoy a global platform connecting them to 15000+ like-minded entrepreneurs. They have access to training and support, work spaces, lectures, training workshops, community networking events and incubation programs.


Forget what’s trending, focus on what’s coming.

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Cooperation Agreement with the City of Vienna

Lauder Business School signed a cooperation agreement with the City of Vienna together with 22 other Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences located in Vienna. On May 14, 2019, Mayor Michael Ludwig signed a cooperation agreement with the Viennese higher education institutions in the City Hall, together with rectors, directors and board members of 23 universities, colleges and universities of applied sciences.

Exclusive Personal Branding Workshop for Executives

In 2019, the future of branding is personal. Personal stories, not facts and figures, resonate with people.   We are pleased to announce that an exclusive corporate workshop on the topic of “Personal Branding for Executives” will take place June 6,...

Peek into our IOT Futuretrail Master’s Course

From a distance the digital and analog blue planet looks the same – but for present and future business leaders it is crucial to know the difference in order to understand their digital transformation.That´s where the Internet of Things (IOT) Futuretrail Course conducted by our lecturer Mag. Robert Kotal kicks in, using a complete new teaching approach W-A-V-E.

Vienna once again voted the Best City to Live and Study

Vienna, located in the vibrant heart of central Europe, where classic culture, music and art meet a modern, diverse and multicultural lifestyle of the 21st century, was once again pronounced the best city to live in worldwide.According to the Annual Mercer...