International Management and Leadership

Courses Per Semester

Curriculum starting as of Fall Term 2019/2020


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1st Semester

Module Course ECTS HRS/SWS
Business Research Academic Writing 3 2.5
Finance and Controlling Business Process and Quality Management 3 2
  Corporate Finance 3 2
  Financial Accounting 3 3
  Statistics 3 2
International Management Foundations of Senior Management 3 2
International Markets and Competitiveness International Business 2 2
  Managerial Economics 2 2
  Marketing Management 3 2
Entrepreneurial Leadership Leadership Skills 2 2
International Management Organizational Behavior and Change 3 2.5
  TOTAL 30 24


2nd Semester

Module Course ECTS HRS/SWS
International Markets and Competitiveness Business Analysis 2 2
Operations Management 3 2
Business Research Critical Thinking & Business Ethics 3 2.5
Empirical Research Methods 3 2.5
Quantitative Data Analysis (SPSS) 3 2.5
International Management Entrepreneurial and Social Media Marketing 2 2
Project Management and IT Support Tools 3 2
Entrepreneurial Leadership Entrepreneurial Finance 2 2
Personal Assessment 2 2
Strategic Human Resource Management 2 2
Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2 2
Finance and Controlling Managerial Accounting 3 2
TOTAL 30 2.5


3rd Semester

Module Course ECTS HRS/SWS
Business Research Argumentation and Debate 3 2
Research Proposal 2 2
International Management International Business Law 3 2
Sales Training 2 2
International Markets and Competitiveness Macroeconomics 3 2
Strategy and Competitive Advantage (Capstone!) 3 2
Entrepreneurial Leadership New Venture Creation Lab 3 2
Personal Audit 2 2
Student Consultancy Project (Capstone!) 3 2
Finance and Controlling Performance Management (Capstone!) 3 2.5
Project Management in Practice 3 2
TOTAL 30 22.5


4th Semester

Module Course ECTS HRS/SWS
International Management Business Simulation 1 1
  Case Studies (Capstone!) 2 1.5
  Internet of Things in Business – Future Trail 1 1.5
  Negotiations 2 1.5
Finance and Controlling Enterprise Resource Planning – SAP 3 2.5
All Modules Master Commission Exams 3 0
Business Research Master Thesis (Capstone!) 15 0
  Master Thesis Seminar 1 1
International Markets and Competitiveness Microeconomics of Competitiveness 2 1.5
   TOTAL 30 10.5


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Peek into our IOT Futuretrail Master’s Course

From a distance the digital and analog blue planet looks the same – but for present and future business leaders it is crucial to know the difference in order to understand their digital transformation.That´s where the Internet of Things (IOT) Futuretrail Course conducted by our lecturer Mag. Robert Kotal kicks in, using a complete new teaching approach W-A-V-E.

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We are glad to report that the quality of our bachelor and master education programs stands out in international comparison. Our students have recently completed worldwide acknowledged, unbiased tests in business education and scored better than their peers from other international business programs.

Fireplace Talk with the Executive Director of FMA

On March 14 we were delighted to welcome Mag. Helmut Ettl, Executive Director of the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) for a fireplace talk in the LBS ballroom. This was a unique opportunity for our master’s students to meet one of the crucial players in the regulatory field of the Austrian financial market.