Banking, Finance & Compliance

Courses Per Semester

1st Semester

Legal Framework, Governance & Compliance Corporate Governance 2 2
Corporate Reporting 3 2.5
Introduction to Financial Law and Regulations 3 3
Organizations, Institutions and Markets Economic Consulting 2 2
Financial Institutions and Markets 2 2
Monetary Economics 3 2.5
Asset Management Financial Instruments & Trading 2 2
Introduction to Asset Management 2 2
Business Research Probability and Statistics for Finance 2 2
Quantitative Data Analysis ( R ) 3 2
Academic Writing 3 2.5
Finance Theory of Corporate Finance 3 2
TOTAL 30 26.5

2nd Semester

Banking Banking Products and Services 2 2
Financial Data Sources and Software – Bloomberg 3 2
Legal Framework, Governance and Compliance Banking Regulation and Market Supervision 3 3.5
Rating Advisory 2 2
Corporate Compliance Practice 2 2
Asset Management Controlling of a Financial Institution 2 2
Risk Management 3 2
Finance Corporate Valuation 2 2
Business Research Critical Thinking & Business Ethics 3 2.5
Econometrics 3 2
Empirical Research Methods 3 2.5
Leadership Skills 2 2
TOTAL 30 26.5

3rd Semester

Legal Framework, Governance and Compliance Advanced Financial Law 3 2
Compliance Practice in Banks (Capstone!) 2 2
Business Research Argumentation and Debate (Capstone!) 3 2
Research Proposal 2 2
Finance Auditing (Capstone!) 3 2
Empirical Finance 3 2
Behavioral Finance 3 2
Treasury 2 2
Banking Investment Banking 2 2
Project and Export Finance 2 3
Student Consultancy Project (Capstone!) 3 2
Asset Management Real Estate Investment: Theory and Practice 2 2.5
TOTAL 30 25.5

4th Semester

Asset Management Asset Management Simulation (Capstone!) 1 1
Organizations, Institutions and Markets Banking Simulation 1 1.5
Case Studies (Capstone!) 2 1.5
Internet of Things in Business – Futuretrail 1 1.5
Microeconomics of Competitiveness 2 2
Banking Corporate Strategy and Decision Science 2 2
Private Banking and Wealth Management 2 2
Business Research Master Thesis (Capstone!) 18 0
Master Thesis Seminar 1 1
TOTAL 30 12.5

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About Admission

Considering a PhD after LBS?

We recently interviewed our alumnus Orbay Ünsoy, an LBS graduate of the International Management and Leadership class of 2016, who decided to continue his education on a PhD level in Business and Management at Alliance Manchester Business School. In a recent interview, he shared his story, his memories of the times at LBS as well as his latest achievements.

Admissions are Open

We are pleased to announce that the application process for the upcoming academic year 2019/2020 has started! All applicants who are interested in applying either for the Bachelor Program “International Business Administration”, or one of our two Master Programs “International Management and Leadership” or “Strategic Finance and Business Analytics” are kindly requested to register online and start their application though our online admission tool.

LBS meets Ben Gurion University in Israel

From December 9 to December 13 Prof. (FH) Mag. Julius Dem, MBA, Director of the BA studies, participated in the Ben Gurion University (BGU) staff week in Israel. The stay was funded by Erasmus+ K107 and the goal of this trip was to further strengthen Lauder Business School’s already close relationship with BGU, get to know representatives of other (European) universities, learn from best practice, and share common experiences with LBS’s Israeli and European partners.

Talk On New Business Models

New business models and concepts have already disrupted traditional businesses and value chains and still continue to do so. How can we use our experience with past events to respond to future developments? Is re-thinking conventional business strategies the key?...