International Management and Leadership

Courses Per Semester

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1st Semester

Business Research Academic Writing 3 2.5
Finance and Controlling Business Process and Quality Management 3 2
Corporate Finance 3 2
Financial Accounting 3 2.5
Statistics 3 2
International Management Foundations of Senior Management 3 2
Organizational Behavior 3 2
Entrepreneurial Leadership Leadership Skills 2 2
International Markets and Competitiveness International Business 2 2
Managerial Economics 2 2
Marketing Management 3 2
TOTAL 30 23

2nd Semester

International Markets and Competitiveness Behavioral Economics 2 2
Operations Management 3 2
Business Research Critical Thinking & Business Ethics 3 2.5
Empirical Research Methods 3 2.5
Quantitative Data Analysis (SPSS) 3 2.5
International Management Entrepreneurial and Social Media Marketing 2 2
Organizational Change 3 2
Finance and Controlling Managerial Accounting 3 2
Entrepreneurial Leadership Entrepreneurial Finance 2 2
Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2 2
Personal Assessment 2 2
Strategic Human Resource Management 2 2
TOTAL 30 25.5

3rd Semester

Business Research Argumentation and Debate 3 2
Research Proposal 2 2
International Management International Business Law 3 2
Sales Training 2 2
International Markets and Competitiveness Macroeconomics 3 2
Strategy and Competitive Advantage (Capstone!) 3 2
Finance and Controlling Performance Management (Capstone!) 3 2.5
Project Management and IT Support 2 2
Entrepreneurial Leadership Personal Audit 3 2
New Venture Creation Lab 3 2
Student Consultancy Project (Capstone!) 3 2
TOTAL 30 22.5

4th Semester

International Management Business Simulation 1 1.5
Case Studies (Capstone!) 2 1.5
Internet of Things in Business – Future Trail 1 1.5
Negotiations 2 2
Finance and Controlling Enterprise Resource Planning – SAP 2 2.5
Business Research Master Thesis (Capstone!) 18 0
Master Thesis Seminar 1 1
International Markets and Competitiveness Microeconomics of Competitiveness 2 2
Entrepreneurial Leadership Project Finalization 1 0.5
TOTAL 30 12.5

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